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iPod Touch 32GB pix1 by parka iPod Touch 32GB pix1 by parka
The resolution and clarity of the screen is fantastic. Everything is sharp and clear.

Initially, I debated about whether to get an iPod Classic (refurbished) at half the price comparing to the iPod Touch. I've trouble accepting the fact that the iPod Touch doesn't work like an external harddisk, the way older iPods used to work.

I watch a lot of TV shows. And I realised that I'm getting busier and simply no longer had time to watch them at home. I had to watch them while I travel to work. Travelling's the only time one can do nothing and just sit.

Now that I have my iPod Touch, I must say that I don't miss the external harddisk function that much. If I need more space, I can get a USB flash drive, which goes up to 16GB nowadays.

After transferring all my songs, podcasts and TV shows, I realised I only managed to use less than 8GB of storage. I bought a 32GB iPod Touch. A typical TV show compressed for iPod viewing is about 100MB to 200MB. My advise would be for people to just get the 16GB model and get a USB flash drive, with spare change.

The construction of the unit is tough, but I don't really want to drop it to try.

User interface is smooth and responsive. Safari on wi-fi is not too bad, but can be improved in terms of speed — I'm an impatient guy. Video playback is good. Audio quality's just the same as my old iPod Photo, but it really depends on what earphone you're using.

This thing cost more than an xBox. If you listen to lots of music and consume lots of video on the go, this might be worth the money. For people who can't watch more than 5 minutes of video while travelling without getting sick, the iPod Classic is a safer choice.
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ggg666 Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2010
i think ipod classic is better but this is nice too
parka Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2010
If there's one thing the iPod touch is better, I'll say it's the use of flash drive for storage.

The old harddisk drives from the classic has failed me and my friends many time.

I feel that the iPod Touch I have right now can still last a few years without me worrying about breaking down.
ggg666 Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2010
yeah i know im reading alot of comments on forums about problems with hardrives of ipod classic.

so i was gonna get a 160 gb classic to replace my nano but im thinking of buying a 32 touch just like yours cuz of that problems
JASKNi Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
i like it !
Volvopower Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2008
Ill get one before christmas ^^
knux-kiba-fan254 Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2008
i cant wait til i get mine for Christmas!!
djn90 Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2008  Hobbyist
yeah... hope i'll get one for christmas too :D
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